General Info

Chem-X is a muti-purpose, one part, hybrid polymer sealant, which cures on exposure to atmospheric moisture to form a durable elastomer. Chem-X is solvent and isocyanate free, exhibiting excellent weather resistance and sealing capabilities.

• Good adhesion to different substrates (without primer) combined with good cohesion and elasticity. • Resistant to aging and weathering • Good elastic recovery
• Very low VOC/ “solvent free” • Green alternative to other sealants • Low odor


LIMITATIONS (Not recommended for) • Direct glazing applications • Traffic bearing surfaces

Joint depth should not exceed 1⁄2”. An open-cell backer rod such as foam should be used to control joint depth. Do not use bitumen-impregnated backing material. In shallow joints, a bond breaker tape should be installed to prevent three- point contact.

Available upon request.

Gun Grade consistency

318ml cartridges, 825ml cartridges, 10 L pails, and 20 L pails

To ensure satisfactory conditions for curing, do not apply at temperatures below 41 ̊ F (5 ̊C) or above 95 ̊F (35 ̊C). The optimum temperature for substrate and sealant is between 59 ̊F (15 ̊C) and 77 ̊F (25 ̊C).Chem-X Sealant may be applied to metals, wood, concrete and many plastics.

should be applied to surfaces that are free from oil, grease, wax, dust, corrosion, moisture, or any material that may interfere with obtaining optimum adhesion. Do not use Xylol or MEK to clean joints or to remove surface coatings, unless surface can be allowed to dry before application of sealant. If the joint is wet with solvent, the sealant will not adhere properly. Use a dry rag or brush to remove dust, dirt or other contaminants is recommended.

TOOLING AND FINISHING to facilitate tooling, wet pointing tool with soapy water. Do not use alcohol or alcohol-containing agents.

sealant may be painted after 24 hours. If using a relatively inflexible paint, allow sealant to cure for 3 days before painting. Chem X may be coated with any latex and most oil- based paints. Best result will be achieved when sealant is primed with latex enamel. Some paints may crack in dynamic joints.(See paint Manufactures specifications.)

Apply Chem-X with hand gun or pressure equipment according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Remove Chem-X from gun and tools before it cures. This may be done by scraping of excess material and the use of solvents such as MEK (lacquer thinner), Xylol, Toluol or chlorinated solvents. Cured material may be removed by cutting with sharp tools or abrasion. Observer manufactures precautions when using toxic flammable solvents

On contact, unhardened sealant irritates eyes. If accidentally wiped in eyes, flush eyes with water, consult physician. Avoid prolonged skin contact and keep away from children.

No maintenance should be needed. If sealant becomes damaged, replace damaged portion. Clean surfaces in damaged area, and repair with fresh sealant.

Chemtron warrants that this product is of merchantable quality and suitable for the purpose for which it is intended. But does not make any other warranty, express or implied. Chemtron’s liability under this warranty shall be limited to the replacement of its product found to be defective. Users shall determine the suitability of the intended application.

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