SBS Sealant

SBS Sealant seals against moisture and vapour and maintains positive air tight seal. It is non-hardening and non drying. Conforms to C.G.S.B 19 GP 14M.


Apply a bead of SBS to desired clean substrate, SBS provides a permanent barrier to water, air, vapor. Adheres to glass, metal, wood, concrete and masonry.


To ensure positive adhesion; make sure the surfaces are clean and free of dirt and foreign material. Cut nozzle tip to the desired diameter with utility knife. Place cartridge in caulking gun and puncture seal inside of spout with a nail. Apply by extruding sealant onto joints or seams.

Clean Up

Clean with mineral spirits following solvent manufactures precautions.


Chemtron warrants that this product is of merchantable quality and suitable for the purpose for which it is intended, but does not make any other warranty, express or implied. Chemtrons liability under this warranty shall be limited to the replacement of its product found to be defective. User shall determine the suitability of intended application.