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Various Adhesives and Cements that adhere to most surfaces and structures. Everything from sub-floor adhesives to repairing  deteriorated areas, Chemtron’s quality adhesives will fix and repair any project that comes your way. Click below to find the right product for you.

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Find out how our sealants can help you today. We cover a variety of sealants from sound proofing to paintable sealant, we hove the right product for the right project. Eveything from multi-purpose sealants to specialized surface sealants. Click below to see all of our sealants.

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Take a look at the selection of tape Chemtron has to offer. Our Tape can be purchased in sock sizes or a custom size to fit you needs and budget.

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Toll Packaging / Tools

Chemtron also offer Toll packaging a tools for any purchase of our products. If you need any caulking dispensers, pneumatic and stop-flow caulking guns, gloves, mixers, or maybe you want to print your own label, Chemtron has got it covered. Click below to see all the tools you will need to start your next project.

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